What we’re looking for

Charge Magazine is a journal of embodied cultural conversation. We’re interested in work that engages thoughtfully and creatively with the big questions: philosophy, finance, tech, politics, relationships, religion, science; life, death, and everything in between.Whatever your medium, if you care deeply about something, and wrestle with that idea in your work, we want to jump in the ring with you.
For more detailed information, see our mission statement.
*Note: If your submissions is chosen for publication, you will be invited to share any thoughts, context, difficulties, nuances, etc, along with discussion questions or prompts related to the piece. These notes will be published alongside the submission, as an invitation to further thinking, analysis, and conversation around the ideas and questions evoked by your work.

Submission guidelines

Send your submission to thechargemag@gmail.com. In the subject line, please include the genre of the work, the title, and your name. In the body of your email, please write a brief note discussing the issue, project, or larger conversation to which you feel your piece contributes, and any other relevant information including what discussion prompts or questions you might include. If you would like, you may add a short bio, along with the following: (*NOTE: All submissions should be pasted into the body of the email. Do not send attachments. Attachments will not be opened. Please allow 3-4 months for a response.)

For NON-FICTION submissions: a detailed query including projected word count

For FICTION submissions: Up to 25 pages pasted directly into the body of the email.

For POETRY submissions: Up to 5 poems.

For FLASH FICTION submissions: Up to 5 pieces.

For CHILDREN’S LIT submissions: Up to 20 pages

For ART submissions: Up to 5 pieces, low res images are fine.

For MUSIC submissions: A detailed query, or link to other music that would represent your style and skill.

For SHORT FILM or ANIMATION submissions: A detailed query including projected length of the piece.


Do you have something else you’d like to share? An idea, a project, a thought, a piece that doesn’t quit fit into any of the genres outlined above? Send it to us at thechargemag@gmail.com. Mention OTHER in the subject line. Seriously. Send it. We love that shit.